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Unique delicious chengdu paper food recommendations A paper bag authentic

Date: 2014-12-15

Out a piece of paper, authentic cuisine so flowed around the corner.The taste, let a person look forward to covet.Originated in Europe oven cooking paper series food, food and seasoning package with baking paper together, on the iron plate baked, can not only make food more flavor is delicious, also do the low oil way of healthy cooking, not greasy and let this summer.
Like to eat the fish people know that the "thousand rolled bean curd roll thousands of fish", is said to burn fish rolling boil, the longer the liquor will be better.But rolling boil after a long time can not adapt to the fast pace of life, fish nutrient will evaporate, so there will be a paper fish.
Using cost about $1 a baking paper, South Korea, the fresh fish and secret sauces like candy wrap, put in the oven of a thin layer of oil on, fire heating.Translucent baking paper, juice glug upwelling, about 15 minutes, open the baked drum peng peng of baking paper, fragrance moment coming up.
Garlic, pickled peppers, lobster sauce, spicy taste.Condiment is the chef secret with good, it is said that the other only put garlic in the shop are imitating his original formula.Ingredients to upgrade now, in addition to the monotony of garlic with lotus root and other rich ingredients.