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Nanchong puppet show "longmen legend" in chengdu

Date: 2014-11-03

From nanchong performing arts group co., LTD. Sichuan province puppet theatre creation of large-scale myth puppet show "longmen legend", for "China dream" in sichuan province, to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the founding of our season, excellent new dramas and western JuJieMu seminar in 2014."Longmen legend" in chengdu, jinjiang palace, beautiful stage effect, excellent performance, has won the popularity of the audience.
Noisy longmen fair, people telling the longmenshan animation on the jialing river, blocking the river, life suffering.Facing the predicament, mouth only fish axe clan skip longmen, split block the longmen mountain of hope, can benefit for the people.As the representative of the fish family of gold carp with save the mission of the people.It came to the longmen mountain, with all the fish and the hope of his people, the family climbed high, hard hit in the cliff...A wonderful puppet show won the applause of the audience, the actors on the stage also don't forget to interact with the audience to a close.Only one large puppets to the audience and applauded, and sometimes shake hands, darling, amused the people present.
According to the play head, the puppet show is from nanchong takatsubo area a legend to change and become, at the same time the puppet show, nanchong elements such as the mulberry field, chuanbei bean jelly, tries to show the audience the solitary nanchong flavor puppet show.