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Looking for shu jinxiu footprint in one thousand

Date: 2014-10-24

In chengdu, three thousand, five thousand years of splendid, from sanxingdui bronze portrait in "braid embroidered" China's first dragon robe, led to "silkworm from's" king of the ancient shu people engaged in silkworm...After 6 PM, quiet a lot in the museum, fewer tourists gathered the disruption during the day.Here quietly away, the ancient shu ancestors created splendid history scene appeared in sight.
Chengdu preface silk embroideries in the museum in 2009 and the joint declaration of the China national silk museum "silkworm silk weaving art in China", in the UN heritage.Here in addition to numerous clothing collection, patterns of the preface display, also displays the number of the loom, from a person sit on the floor of easy to operate, waist machine to need two work preface flowers in building machine in the qing dynasty of the operation.It is worth mentioning that you can learn from local master of preface preface weaving process;Can also DuDuDingDing sit down, because, to the teacher for advice on basic of shu embroidery stitch, qing to Harbin, temporarily say goodbye to the city.