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Chengdu slow time

Date: 2014-08-22

Chengdu slow but also on the speed of opening hotel, since 2007, chengdu shangri-la hotel after opening, there seems to have few international brands, until last year for the opening of chengdu fuli ritz-carlton hotel. The hotel is located in chengdu's largest financial centres, central business district, adjacent to the tianfu square and high-grade shopping center zhichizhiyao. Today, almost every new hotel will be on the interior design combined with local culture, but this is difficult to grasp, especially in chengdu, have the feelings thick history. Chengdu fuli ritz-carlton hotel interior design inspiration comes from traditional old street in chengdu hospital lane, in the fashionable modern lines reflect the ancient shu culture of more than two thousand years. On 25 floor lobby, bright and large French window, the Argo scenery panoramic view. The design details of the lobby has strong historical and cultural flavor, mass-tone attune USES atmospheric poise of bronze, as described in the ancient shu, an elaborately carved wood carving, the metope of the spray print hibiscus, brocade decoration decoration, inspired by underpinnings of minjiang river water jade marble ground, are saturated with chic Argo lasting appeal. Hotel in the design, of course, also not blindly adopt Chinese style element, but in many western elements, but regardless of Chinese and western ancient and modern, absorb together can be perfect.
Guest room, along the lines of the design idea and the public areas of the most basic room area of 50 square meters. Introduction to the rooms are equipped with corridor, enter type cloakroom, double pool of wash one's hands and independent toilet, bathtub and bathroom intimate design, both comfort and private. 55 78 executive rooms and suites equipped with admirable services, one-to-one staff will take you directly to the check-in formalities within his room. The presidential suite, located on level 41 have spacious space of 323 square meters. Room still predominantly Chinese contracted design style, multi-level space is decorated brown department, sweet household atmosphere for the guests, indoor everywhere full of shu wind elegance art hangs a picture, decorations, and show the characteristics of the tea culture in chengdu, reveal the thick ancient shu culture.
To lay down their luggage, enjoy his room after, go and sit executive lounge, but you have to be careful with your weight, open 24 hours of the lounge provides five meals a day, in addition to the earlier work, and in the afternoon tea and dessert after dinner, all this for guests check-in executive rooms and suites are free.
Chengdu fuli ritz-carlton hotel there are 4 unique style cuisine restaurants and bars. Hotel lobby bar on the 25th floor, leisure time invite friends over, in an atmosphere of elegant fashion taste the tea in the afternoon. Li xuan Chinese restaurant design inspiration comes from the ancient shu civilization of more than two thousand years, "the ancient capital of the lotus" and "silk road" for the inspiration, the ubiquitous preface decoration, colorful flowers, in to fashionable vogue restaurant with a chengdu breath. Scroll type corridor, will appear old prosperity cheng jing. 11 rooms, with flowers as the source of inspiration, let you taste fine Oriental lasting appeal in the intimate atmosphere. Li porch of traditional cantonese dishes, and with some local flavor of sichuan cuisine, some improvement, and accordingly reduce the spiciness. In order, might as well listen to a waiter restaurant always have some time to promote, such as Jiang Xian, the waiter will taste recommend best cooking methods according to your preference.
Xiang hui 24-hour restaurant is a great place for family meals, "point to do now now, that is, ready-to-eat" is the highlight of the restaurant, the chef at the scene of the open kitchen cook Italy, Japan, southeast Asia and China's food. Dining-room atmosphere relaxed and comfortable, blend in Chinese traditional culture is clever adornment of sichuan traditional shadow play in your head, jumped out. Arrived Sunday, restaurant and champagne brunch, in addition to retain's patrons welcome food at ordinary times, restaurant in seafood stalls, increased the Australian lobster, abalone, crab legs, salmon, tuna, Alaska arctic bay, Japan sweet shrimp, etc.; Another exciting, barbecue stalls also new baked oysters in Australia now, with the chef secret Chinese sauce, match well of Chinese and western. Except brunch on unlimited moet &chandon, FLAIR restaurant bar's chief bartender Nadia also careful modulation more special cocktail.
Speaking of FLAIR, is the most popular gathering place, chengdu is located in the hotel 27 floors, in addition to the mixing zone, there are sushi area, is a bar, food does not careless. FLAIR isn't in at the top of the hotel, has affected the view, but sitting in the open a very comfortable, especially the small drink wine with friends bug, starlight night time a little bit of spin, the chengdu and mist rises in the glass also enlarged at the moment of infinite pleasant.
In chengdu, the fast pace of the moment, seem to be some alternative, although also skyscrapers, although it is busy, but here is no hurry up, the tea is to eat of, ear is to pay, play CARDS is, a "slow" string up a life of leisure and ease.