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The most serious since the winter in chengdu shuangliu airport fog hit passenger travel hindered

Date: 2012-12-05

Today,chengdu shuangliu international airport suffered the most serious since the winter this year a heavy fog weather attacks, this also is this year chengdu airport suffered by the longest, largest number of stranded passengers, influence the flight has the widest range, the largest a fog.By the heavy fog weather, not only disrupted chengdu airport yesterday's flight plan, but also caused the delay of the flight today area, resulting in chengdu airport is closed time up to 5 hours and 41 minutes.

By a reporter, has been a direct cause more than 120 entering and leaving the flight delay, there are six entering and leaving the flight was forced to merge or cancel, there are five port on the flight can not normal to chengdu airport, chongqing, and other peripheral respectively alternate airport, and at the same time, lead to more than 10000 passengers travel on the obstruction, not to the destination, in view of this situation, the shuangliu airport timely issued a warning signal large flight delays.

Today's fog happened in early this 03:00 of left and right sides, yesterday as the last flight from haikou to 02:51 port;Departure at the end of a flight to phuket in 02:57 flight after take-off, chengdu airport suffered from the fog attacks, apron and runway visibility only 100 meters or so, can not reach the standard of flight takeoff, landing, cannot receive flight landing, also cannot release departure clearance, based on safety, until the wee hours of the morning 03:00, airport announced that close.But this time, chengdu airport yesterday's flight is not, and therefore to the completion of the last 11 departure flight was delayed until today execution, causing 5 port flight can't arrive on time, respectively, and other peripheral alternate chongqing airport.

It is understood that the chengdu airport today were arranged 680 sorties flight missions, the first departure flight should be in the morning 6:40 take-off to Lhasa, but heavy fog shrouded continue to chengdu airport, runway and transaction fog diffuse, visibility only 100 meters or so, can not reach the flight landing requirements, airport to remain shut down, although the airport emergency launched the second ils system, but all flights still can't normal landing in the morning, the euro point more minutes the fog began to spread to seeking for sanyaCA4249.The CA4249 flight to the first take-off clearance, thus, chengdu airport recovery open operation.Today's fog weather will continue to fermentation, the subsequent will have more flight delay, cancel or merge flight will not too much, chengdu airport all night tonight will be run, and strive to will today all the stranded passengers evacuated all cr.By the influence of the fog departure flight is mainly to Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, Lhasa,kunmingwuhan, urumqi, lanzhou and the major domestic cities and provincial xichang airport, jiuzhai, etc;Port flight is mainly comes from Lhasa,xianguiyang, jiuzhai, urumqi, Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen and other cities all over the country and province branch.

After the incident, shuangliu airport quickly launched large delays disposal plan, and to increase the flight management and cruising dynamics, increase the number of broadcast, in time to the passenger flight announced, increase a line service personnel, and actively do the stranded passengers guidance and interpretation work, in time for the stranded passengers distribution boiled water, food, etc., will strive for the fog weather caused by the loss to a minimum.At the same time, to let passengers boarding, first in the engine room waiting for emergency measures, when the weather allowing can immediately took off clearance for the stranded passengers traveling won the time.On this basis, the airport actively coordinate airlines best the stranded passengers service security work, timely set up not regular flight service, and for the stranded passengers at any time for endorsement, cancellation and other related matters, in before the check-in counter for flight delays by ZhanShiBan told situation.Today's fog weather although caused a large number of passengers stranded and large areas of flight delays, but because the airport service guarantee work efficiency, and solid passengers, actively cooperate with the whole flight MangErBuLuan order still.