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Tibet hotel chengdu first hand in hand the building hotel people grow new platform

Date: 2012-11-20

  Tibet hotel chengdu "Tibet's window," said, is located in the golden area of chengdu north road, beautiful funan river bank, the transportation is convenient, the environment is quiet and tastefully laid out.Hotel style in modern combined with Tibetan features, in chengdu in the hotel industry of its own.Guest room design concept displays of creativity, by the world famous architectural decoration designer kay, sir for hotel tailor-made service, will Tibetan characteristics and modern rhythm is perfect and shirt-sleeve, besides capacious and comfortable, daylighting excellent standard, chic and elegant business single outside, chengdu currently the most characteristic, the most exalted of the type that jump a layer luxury suite is your good choice.You can hold more than three hundred people in the hall taste the flavor of unique Tibetan style dishes;In the facilities complete recreation center plays songs or belt out.The hotel is equipped with all kinds of meeting rooms, the 17th floor international conference hall, match with advanced slide projector, projector and professional import sound, is the international conference, product exhibitions and business discussion ideal place.

  Tibet hotel chengdu network institute opening ceremony - hand in hand the first hotel education enterprise

  This opening ceremony presided over by the human resources manager, hotel general manager of execution ChenRong woman in congress made mobilization speech, she said the first hotel education training as the first brand, to the development of the industry contribution be obvious to all;The hotel and the first cooperation is a new opportunity, in the hope that through the network to the foundation of college for hotel talent cultivation and the growth building a new platform, effectively improve you students management skills and professional quality, and then promote the overall hotel quality construction, for China's hotel industry great-leap-forward development contribution on my own.Ceremonies and rites, first in the training to read the Tibet hotel chengdu institute of network training management method "on the network college training to do the detailed rules for the implementation is introduced, and live demonstration and the network learning process.

  The person in charge explained first training the network learning process

The whole ceremony properly show the hotel rich Tibetan theme cultural characteristics.Tibetan "karan MeiDuo" means beautiful snow lotus, and conference rooms decorated layout, elegant and honour, and hide ark, Tibetan desk in flower design ornament, bright color and moving, complementary with opening ceremony grandly warm atmosphere for the students they left a deep impression.Staff training is the biggest benefits, they all said that the first hotel education enterprise is the hotel people dream of charging learn best platform, the network college students started but also improve the comprehensive quality and the professional quality of the good opportunity, they also look forward to in the future in the actual work and the first grow up together, work together to create brilliant industry.